How nice it would be if you could drop off your luggage at the counter the night before… The good news is that this is actually possible with some airlines!

You can find out how the evening before check-in works in this article.

What is the evening before check-in?

Depending on the airline, an evening check-in is also referred to as late-night check-in or early check-in. Check-in, as the name suggests, takes place on the eve of the day of departure.

This allows you to bring your luggage to the airport and check in the evening before . You can also reserve a seat and pick up your boarding pass.

Which airlines offer an evening check-in?

Some airlines offer the service of an evening check-in. Please note, however, that depending on the airline, this check-in is only possible at selected airports.

The following airlines, among others, offer this service:

So how does the evening before check-in work?

An evening check-in at the airport basically works like any normal check-in. You will need to find the right counter for your airline at the airport and present your flight documents:

As with a regular check-in, you will need to present the following documents:

  1. Passport/identity card
  2. Flight
  3. Any travel documents (Covid-19 certificate, visa, entry document…)

How much does the evening before check-in cost?

This depends on the airline. Your airline may not charge any fees for the night before check-in. In most cases, however, small amounts of about 5€ are charged.

Do I have to do the check-in in person?

This varies depending on the airline. Some airlines require a personal appearance, with others it is possible, for example, for a family member to carry out the check-in for all family members the evening before. Of course, passports/identity cards, flight tickets and travel documents of all travelers must be available.

For which time slot is the evening before check-in offered?

Again, this varies depending on the airline. With most airlines, check-in is possible the evening before for those flights that are scheduled for the following day until 12:00 noon .

Sometimes, however, airlines also offer late-night check-in for flights that affect the entire following day.

Would you like to check in for your flight online? Then search for your airline now and see how to do your check-in online. The instructions are available at:

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