Switzerland’s most important airports at a glance

1. Zurich Airport (Zurich Airport – ZRH)


  • Location: Kloten, Zurich
  • Capacity: One of the largest airports in Europe
  • Terminals: 3 Terminals (A, B, E)
  • Annual passengers (2021): Over 22 million

Flights: Zurich is an important hub for international flight connections. It offers direct flights to major cities worldwide, including New York, Dubai, Singapore, and many European destinations.

2. Geneva Airport (Aéroport de Genève – GVA)


  • Location: Geneva
  • Capacity: Over 17 million passengers annually
  • Terminals: 2 Terminals (T1, T2)

Flights: Geneva is particularly known for its connections to European cities. The main destinations include London, Paris, Madrid and Munich. The airport also plays an important role in charter air traffic.

3. Basel-Mulhouse Airport (EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg – BSL/MLH/EAP)


  • Location: Between Basel (Switzerland), Mulhouse (France) and Freiburg (Germany)
  • Capacity: Around 9 million passengers per year
  • Uniqueness: Jointly operated by France and Switzerland

Flights: EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg mainly serves European destinations. Popular connections include Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Vienna.

4. Bern Airport (Bern-Belp Airport – BRN)


  • Location: Bern
  • Capacity: About 300,000 passengers per year
  • Special feature: Capital airport

Flights: Although smaller compared to the international airports, Bern Airport offers direct flights to some European cities such as Vienna, Munich and London.

5. Lugano Airport (Lugano-Agno Airport – LUG)


  • Location: Lugano
  • Capacity: Low number of passengers per year
  • Characteristics: Small airport with a focus on business travel

Flights: Lugano-Agno mainly serves domestic flights, as well as some connections to major business centers in Europe.

6. Sion Airport (Aéroport de Sion – SIR)


  • Location: Sion
  • Characteristics: Regional airport, often used for winter sports charter flights

Flights: Sion is a popular airport for ski tourists visiting the nearby Swiss Alps, especially during the winter season.

7. Grenchen Airfield (Grenchen Airfield – LSZG)


  • Location: Grenchen
  • Characteristics: Regional airport, focus on business flights and general aviation

Flights: Grenchen is known for its importance in business aviation and as a starting point for sightseeing flights over the picturesque Swiss countryside.

8. St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport (St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport – ACH/LSZR)


  • Location: Altenrhein, near Lake Constance
  • Characteristics: Regional airport with a focus on business travel and tourism

Flights: This airport offers connections to various European cities, including Vienna, Munich, and Dusseldorf, and is also popular for charter flights.

9. Birrfeld Airfield (Airfield Birrfeld – LSZF)


  • Location: Birrfeld
  • Characteristics: Regional airfield, home of general aviation

Flights: Birrfeld mainly serves general aviation, including private and business flights.

These airports and airfields help connect Switzerland with different regions and serve both business and tourism purposes. Each of them has its own unique role in the Swiss air transport system.

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