In this article, you will learn about the check-in options you have at the airport in Berlin (BER for short) and how to check in your flight correctly.

Step-by-step check-in at Berlin Airport

You can opt for either classic check-in at the counter or self-check-in at the kiosk.

Check-in at the BER counter

  1. First, you should go to the right counter . As a rule, each airline has several check-in counters directly at the airport. It is best to orient yourself on the monitors. Search for your flight and see which counter you can check in at.
  2. Once you have found the right counter, the check-in will be carried out by an airline employee . For check-in, you will need to present your flight ticket, a passport or identity card and, depending on your destination, an entry or corona document .
  3. If you have checked baggage , you must place it on the treadmill at the counter . Make sure that the side handle (for suitcases) is facing upwards so that the employee can attach the luggage label .
  4. The suitcase is weighed directly on the treadmill. If this exceeds the free baggage allowance, then you must expect an additional payment for the exceeded weight.
  5. After check-in, you will receive your boarding pass as well as the ” ticket” for your checked baggage. Now you can continue to the security check using the signs.

To give you an overview of the airport in Berlin, please use the airport map:

Self check-in at the kiosk in Berlin:

If you opt for the self-check-in machine at Berlin Airport, proceed as follows.

  1. Go to level U1 or the check-in hall and look for a self check-in machine.
  2. At the machine, select your airline based on the logo and enter your flight details. You will now be shown whether your flight is eligible for self check-in or not.
  3. If your flight is eligible for self check-in, follow the exact instructions at the kiosk.
  4. You will then receive your boarding pass and baggage label. You must attach the luggage label to the long side of the luggage on the carrying handle .
  5. Now go to the bag drop counter for checking in your luggage. The suitcase must be positioned in such a way that the baggage label is recognized by the scanner at the top . If excess baggage is incurred, you will need to check in the baggage at the check-in counter with an airline employee and may have to pay a fee.

Do you want to check in your flight without stress?

Then use the online check-in, which is offered by almost every airline. We have put together detailed step-by-step instructions for the online check-in of different airlines.

Flight schedule Berlin Airport

Alle Flugrouten, die vom Flughafen Berlin angeboten werden, sind auf dem Flugplan aufgeführt. Weitere Informationen zu diesem Thema finden Sie auf unserer Seite über den Flugplan des Flughafen Berlins.

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