How do you find the best deals on holidays, flights and hotels?

Use our comparison calculator to find your top holiday deals.

Finding holiday offers – the best tips

With these tips, you can find the best deals for your holiday trip. Compare prices, take advantage of offers and discounts, and be flexible with travel dates and flight times. So you can enjoy your holiday without spending too much money.

1. Use comparison portals

When searching for deals, use comparison sites to get an overview of the best deals. A price comparison is very easy via these portals. But don’t reduce your search to just one portal, because the same hotel or flight can be even cheaper in another portal.

2. Show flexibility

Be flexible with travel dates and flight times. Of course, holiday trips outside the school holidays are cheaper than during the peak holiday season. But even in this travel period, you can get cheaper offers through a trick. Book your flight or holiday on a weekday when flights are cheaper or at unusual times. Most travel enthusiasts book their holidays from Friday – Friday or Saturday – Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. For this reason, these days are usually more expensive than, for example, a booking from Tuesday – Tuesday.

3. Book early

Book your flight and hotel as early as possible to take advantage of the best prices.

4. Take advantage of offers and discounts

Sign up for offers and newsletters from airlines and hotels. You can also search for deals and discounts on social networks. Travel providers often post interesting advertising offers on their social media channels.

5. Check last-minute deals

Also, check the last-minute deals, which are often cheaper than regular deals.

6. Book directly with the provider

Book directly with airlines and hotels to avoid additional fees that may be charged by intermediaries.

No money for the holiday?

No problem with the right financing

A holiday is an unforgettable experience and important for recreation. That’s why it can cost something. More and more people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are therefore financing their dream trip with a loan. You can find out how to do this and what you need to consider in the following article:

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