Canceling a trip hurts
Protect yourself with travel cancellation insurance!

What is cancellation insurance?

Travel cancellation insurance covers you if you are unable to start your trip due to health problems or other reasons and have to cancel before the start of your trip. The travel cancellation insurance protects you from the cancellation costs incurred.

Why do I need cancellation insurance?

Travel cancellation insurance supports you in a wide variety of cases. In addition to international health insurance, insurance against cancellation costs is one of the most important insurances for travel. The travel cancellation insurance can also be combined well with a travel interruption insurance (holiday guarantee).

How much does travel cancellation insurance cost?

This question, as well as many other price questions, is not easy to answer.
The premium of the travel cancellation insurance depends on various factors:

  • Tour
  • Number of passengers
  • Age at entry
  • and so on.

What you should consider when taking out travel cancellation insurance

  • Deductible or deductible: Pay attention to whether the insurance is with or without a deductible.
  • Types of travel: Depending on your type of travel, the travel cancellation insurance should also be aligned. The following types of travel are available, among others: package tours, individual trips, last-minute trips, weekend and short trips, single trips, air travel, business trips, trips abroad, boat trips, beach trips, round trips, ski trips, city trips, cruises, active trips, educational trips and much more.
  • Scope of application: Make sure that the insurance is included in the insurance cover for your desired destination.
  • Persons at risk: Can you possibly take out the insurance for all fellow travellers (e.g. family or friends)?
  • Sum insured: As with almost any insurance, the sum insured is very important. Ask explicitly for the sum and let us advise you on the amount of the sum that is recommended.
  • Deadlines: Not every travel cancellation policy can be concluded shortly before the trip. It may take a few weeks for the insurance cover to be valid. So it’s better to find out about travel insurance too early than too late