How can I check in my Urlaubsguru trip online?

You have booked a trip or flight via the booking platform Urlaubsguru and would like to check in your flight or trip online?

Check-in is easy in three steps:

1. Find out the airline

Urlaubsguru is a comparison portal for holiday travel and does not operate its own fleet of aircraft. That’s why you can’t check in your flight through Urlaubsguru, but only through the airline that operates your flight.

The information about which airline operates your flight can be found on the booking documents that you received from Urlaubsguru after booking your trip. If you know which airline you are flying with, you can check in online via their website.

2. Find a check-in website

If you know which airline you are travelling with, you can check in online on the airline’s website. You can find out how to do this and where to find the check-in pages of the airlines on our page:

3. Enter check-in details

Each airline offers different options for online check-in. As a rule, you will need either the booking code or the ticket number in combination with your last name.

However, if you have booked one of your Urlaubsguru flights through a tour operator, some airlines will also require you to provide the “Tour Operator Reference Number”. This number can be found in the booking documents.

Important questions

Can I reserve a seat at the Urlaubsguru check-in?

Yes – of course. BUT: Just like online check-in, seat reservation for the aircraft is also done via the website of the airline operating your flight. You can find out how to reserve a seat on our website.

What kind of luggage can I take with me on my Urlaubsguru flight?

The baggage regulations can usually also be found in your travel documents. In principle, the general baggage policy of the operating airline also applies to your checked baggage or hand baggage.

About Urlaubsguru

Urlaubsguru is a German company that specializes in arranging cheap travel deals. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Holzwickede.

Urlaubsguru offers its customers new deals on package tours, city breaks, cruises and last-minute vacations on a daily basis. The offers will be disseminated through the company’s website, newsletter and social media channels.

The company has earned a good reputation for its high level of transparency and extensive information on the trips it offers. Urlaubsguru works together with well-known tour operators and can therefore offer its customers attractive prices.

Urlaubsguru has experienced strong growth in recent years and is now one of the most successful travel portals in Germany. The company employs more than 150 people and has also expanded internationally.