Whether it’s a package holiday, a short trip or a business trip – as a traveller, you will receive a number of important documents after booking. A wide variety of numbers, letters, abbreviations and references can be found on it.

In this post, you will learn where to find important information such as the booking code, ticket number, and organizer reference number on your records.

Find your booking number / booking code

The booking number is a multi-digit code consisting of numbers and/or letters. You can find this on the booking confirmation or invoice from your tour operator or airline. It is also known as a Booking Code, Booking Reference, Travel Confirmation, Booking Confirmation, Transaction Number or Confirmation Number.

The number could look like this or be placed:

What is the booking number needed for?

The purpose of the code or number is to enable tour operators or airlines to track your booking and the services included. If a trip has been booked for more than one person, this number is valid for all travelers .

The booking number can also be used to track flight data. The booking number usually also contains information on the outward and return flights as well as connecting flights.

Ticket number / e-ticket number

In most cases, the ticket number consists of a 13-digit numerical code. The first three numbers (e.g. 220) represent the airline issuing the ticket.

The ticket number or e-ticket number can be found on your ticket, which you will receive by e-mail or by post. The ticket number or e-ticket number will also be noted on your boarding pass.

The ticket number on a boarding pass could look or be placed as follows:

What is the ticket number / e-ticket number needed for?

The ticket is your ticket for check-in at the airline where you will receive your boarding pass for the flight. The classic ticket is issued in paper form. In the meantime, however, there are also more and more electronic tickets, so-called e-tickets.

Tour Operator Reference Number

You will receive a tour operator reference number if you have booked your flight through a tour operator or if the flight is included in a package tour of a tour operator . This reference number can be found on the documents or booking confirmation that you have received from your tour operator. Most of the time, you will need to provide this number along with the name and the departure and arrival airports .

However, do not confuse the number of the tour operator with the reference number of the airline, which is often also stated on the documents. If you cannot find the tour operator reference number, we recommend that you contact your tour operator directly by telephone.

What is the tour operator reference number needed for?

The reference number of your tour operator is often necessary, for example, to carry out online check-in with an airline if you have not received a booking number or ticket number.


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