With Air China online check-in, you can check in quickly and easily from home.

In this article, you will learn exactly how online check-in works with Air China and what else you need to know about check-in.

Check-in step-by-step

  1. To get started, go to Air China’s online check-in website via the following link:
  2. You can now start the check-in via the ticket number or via your passport number, your name and the flight number.
  3. Then select the right flight . You can also compare the flight dates displayed with the information on your booking. This will help you make sure you’re checking in for the right flight.
  4. When checking in online, you have the option to choose a specific seat or book additional Air China services. Please note that fees may apply.
  5. As soon as you have successfully completed the online check-in, you will receive your boarding pass. You can save or print them out.
Air China online check-in
Source: https://www.airchina.de/DE/DE/booking/online-check-in/

Important information about Air China online check-in

When is online check-in available?

  • Domestic flights: For domestic flights, Air China’s online check-in is available from 20:00 two days before departure.
  • International flights: If the flight is international, check-in is only possible 36 hours before departure.

Who can take advantage of online check-in?

In principle, all adult passengers with an e-ticket can use online check-in for flights operated by Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines and Tibet Airlines .

Who can NOT use online check-in?

There is no online check-in option for special travellers . These include VIP passengers, injured passengers, disabled passengers, disabled army and police veterans, pregnant women, unaccompanied children, passengers with special meals and wheelchair users.

The choice of seat

Seat selection at Air China online check-in is limited. For the safety of all passengers, emergency exit seats cannot be selected and people with special needs are asked to check-in at the airport counter.

Air China’s baggage policy

The carry-on baggage

Number & Weight

Economy & Super Economy Class – 1 hand luggage with max. 5kg

Business & First Class – 2 hand luggage with max. 8 kg each


For all classes there is a max. Hand luggage size of
55 x 40 x 20 cm

Large carry-on luggage flight

Checked baggage

The exact baggage allowance depends on the fare. In principle, however, individual pieces of luggage may not weigh more than 32 kg.

For domestic flights:

  • First Class: max. 40 kg
  • Business Class: max. 30 kg
  • Premium Economy Class: max. 20 kg
  • Economy Class: max. 20 kg
  • All other tariffs: max. 10 kg

For international flights:

  • First Class: max. 2 pieces of luggage weighing 32 kg each
  • Business Class: max. 2 pieces of luggage weighing 32 kg each
  • Premium Economy Class: max. 2 pieces of luggage weighing 23 kg each
  • Economy Class: max. 1 piece of baggage weighing 23 kg each
  • All other tariffs: max. 1 piece of baggage weighing 23 kg each

Information about Air China

Since 1988, Air China has been part of CAAC Airlines and is the state-owned airline of China. The headquarters are located in Beijing, as is the base of the airport. The airline has a total of 676 aircraft (as of June 2019). Mainly Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Around 766 passenger routes are offered. Of these, 132 are international. 29 Regional and 605 National.