Are you travelling with an MSC cruise ship? Then use the simple online check-in for faster embarkation.

You can find out exactly how to carry out the MSC Online Check-in in this article.

MSC Online Check In – this is how it works!

  1. Open the MSC Web Check-in via the following link:
  2. Using your booking number, first name and last name, you can log in to the customer area.
  3. If your registration is successful, you will be redirected to your booking overview. In the left menu bar you will find an item “Web Check-in”.
  4. Now you can choose which guests you want to check in.
  5. Provide all the required information such as birthday, passport number, telephone number and e-mail address and address .
  6. If you have successfully completed your web check-in, you will be redirected back to the overview. Now you can check in more guests, if available.
  7. Once the data has been filled in for all fellow travelers, you can submit the web check-in information.
  8. All you have to do is download your e-ticket or print it out directly.

Important information about MSC Web Check-in

  • You can only complete MSC Web Check-in up to 24 hours before the cruise ship’s departure.
  • Web check-in can be done for you and all guests in the same cabin .
  • The information you provide during web check-in must match the information on your ID (passport or identity card).
  • The identification document provided during online check-in must be presented at the cruise terminal upon embarkation.
  • Upon receipt of your e-ticket, please check the contact information on the embarkation form (attached to the e-ticket).
  • The e-ticket must be presented in paper form at the time of embarkation. We therefore recommend that you print out the ticket immediately after successful online check-in.

Embarkation on site – step by step

1. Baggage drop-off

When you arrive at the port, the first thing you need to do is go to the baggage drop-off. There, all luggage (except hand luggage) will be handed over to the service staff.

In your travel documents you will find a baggage tag with your name, the name of the ship, the date, the port of departure and the cabin number. This tag must be attached to the baggage so that MSC staff can assign your suitcase to the correct cabin.

It may take a little longer to get back to your luggage. Therefore, you should stow everything you need during the first hours of your stay in your hand luggage.

2. Boarding

Once you have dropped off your baggage, you can proceed to the embarkation area with your personal travel documents. There you will need to present all travel documents such as e-ticket, ship manifest and ID.

3. The security check

Once you have completed the embarkation, you can pass through the security checkpoint. The staff is allowed to search your carry-on baggage for the safety of all guests. Items that are classified as a security risk may also be seized.

4. The safety drill

After the security check, you can go directly to your cabin. But don’t forget about the safety drill. This is an important part of every MSC cruise and is part of the mandatory on-board program. A member of staff will tell you exactly when the safety drill will be carried out or you can find more detailed information in your travel documents.

Baggage policy of the MSC

Guests of the MSC are recommended:

  • Carry a maximum of two pieces of luggage per person
  • A luggage size of 90x75x43 must be maintained
  • Not to exceed the weight of 23kg per suitcase

When it comes to your carry-on baggage, you should make sure that:

  • You carry a maximum of two pieces of carry-on baggage per person
  • The carry-on baggage does not exceed a size of 56x45x25
  • And the individual pieces of hand luggage weigh a maximum of 23kg.

Please note: This information is only a recommendation of the MSC. If you arrive by plane, you must comply with the baggage regulations of the respective airline.

Arriving by plane?

If you arrive at your destination by plane, you can also find out about your airline’s online check-in.

On the following page you will find instructions for online check-in for the most popular airlines: