Aeroflot Online Check in

If you take advantage of Aeroflot Online Check-in, you will have several advantages, and you will also be able to fly to your desired destination in a relaxed and comfortable manner. Aeroflot Online Check-in allows you to complete the check-in process quickly and easily.

Aeroflot airline check in

The registration process for Aeroflot Online Check-in

If you have problems with the online check-in, it could be that you are using a browser that does not support this online check-in. To do this, you should use the Internet explorer and simply handle the check-in.

  • Go to Aeroflot Online Check in:
  • Switch the tab from Booking to Online Check-in as shown in the image above
  • Now enter your booking code and your last name
  • Check the accuracy of the flight details and select the passengers you want to check in
  • You can then choose a seat
  • Now you can print and save your boarding pass – your Aeroflot online check-in is finished.

For more important information about Aeroflot Online Check-in, please visit the Aeroflot Check-in website. As well as information about traveling with children, traveling with animals, traveling with luggage and much more.

Important information about the usual check-in at the airport

The usual check-in starts 120 minutes. before departure time and ends about 3/4 hour before. To be on the safe side, plan more time that you should consider. In addition, time is necessary for general security checks and baggage deliveries. The flight entrances are already 15 min. closed before departure time.

Among the advantages of Aeroflot Online Check in

  • Self and self-check-in from home or work
  • Already possible 24 hours before departure and 90 min. before departure time
  • The big advantage is that you can choose your own seat
  • You also have the option of printing out your boarding pass yourself
  • Once you have printed the card, you no longer need to go to the counter

Of course, you can also get this important information in other languages, just go to the homepage and read through. In addition, it should be noted that reservations with more than 9 people can only and exclusively be processed at the counter at the airport.

Baggage at Aeroflot Check-in

If you have a large number of luggage with you, you can easily check in at the airport counter. You must also comply with the required baggage policy, which can also be found on the Aeroflot website.

Safety rules and rules of etiquette can also be found in a list on Aeroflot and study these rules.

About Aeroflot

Aeroflot is a Russian airline based in Moscow and is considered the largest airline in Russia. The airline was founded in 1923 and today offers flights to more than 150 destinations in over 50 countries.