When cruising with the Royal Caribbean, you can take advantage of convenient online check-in to speed up the process at the port.

You can find out exactly how Royal Caribbean’s online check-in works on this page.

What time can you check in online at Royal Caribbean?

You can easily check in online via the web or web browser or with the Royal Caribbean International app up to 72 hours before the cruise starts . For security reasons, the system will interrupt your session after 30 minutes if no activity is detected.

Step-by-step check-in at Royal Caribbean online

  1. Open Royal Caribbean’s online check-in page:
  2. You will need to either log in to your existing Royal Caribbean account or create a new account.
  3. Once you have successfully logged in, you still need to select the correct trip from your travel overview.
  4. For the subsequent online check-in you will need:
    • The ship’s name
    • The date of travel
    • The reservation number
    • Your passport or ID card number
    • Your home address
    • Name and phone number of emergency contacts
    • Your pre- and post-cruise travel plans
    • Your credit card details
  5. After check-in, you will receive your Royal Caribbean boarding pass. You can save or print these and you must carry them with you on the day of departure.

Which identification document: passport or identity card?

You usually need a valid identity card or passport to travel within the European Union. However, if you want to travel outside the European Union, you will always need a valid passport.

Some countries outside the EU have special requirements, such as the need for a visa or vaccination. It is therefore always advisable to find out in advance about the entry requirements of the respective country in order to determine which documents are required.

In any case, you should make sure that your identity document is valid for at least six months after the planned date of travel , as some countries have this requirement.

Identification document for children

Children also need a valid identification document for travel, especially when traveling abroad. As a rule, a child’s ID card or passport is sufficient for travel within the European Union.

However, if you are travelling outside the European Union, your child will always need their own valid passport.

Baggage Policy Royal Caribbean

It is allowed to bring a reasonable amount of personal belongings, including luggage, on board the ship. However, in order to ensure a pleasant stay and a smooth process, we recommend that you limit the number of items you carry to the essentials.

You have the option to bring your luggage on board yourself or check it in before embarkation. Suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, pouches, coat hooks, toiletry bags and similar items are accepted as baggage.

The carry-on baggage

In order for each piece of carry-on luggage to fit easily through the X-ray machines, you should make sure that it meets the size requirements. The size of the machines may vary depending on the port, but in general they are similar in size to the security checkpoints at airports.

Check in your flight to Royal Caribbean online

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