On the plane, the air is often dry, which means that some passengers, especially on long-haul flights, complain of a scratchy feeling in their throat or are annoyed by an unpleasant feeling on the skin.

In this article, you will learn what you can do about the unpleasant consequences of dry air.

Why is the air on the plane so dry?

The outside air at the flight altitude is cold and has a low humidity. In addition, higher humidity would cause more water to condense on the aircraft envelope. Nobody wants water to run off the walls on the plane.

What can you do about the consequences of dry air?

It’s simple: drink a lot.

Various experts advise drinking twice the normal amount on a flight. Drinking water on the plane also has the pleasant side effect of preventing possible thrombosis.

Think about your skin too

It’s not just your throat that suffers from the dry air on the plane. Your skin will also be affected. Therefore, before, after and during flying (for long-haul flights) use a Moisturizer.

Don’t forget your eyes

The dry air also affects eye hydration. Lens wearers in particular often have a burning sensation in their eyes. If possible, refrain from wearing lenses or use eye drops to moisturize your eyes.

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