How to get cheap flights To find:

Do you know this? You are looking for a flight, have found a suitable one and want to book it the next day. Zack – it’s already a bit more expensive the next day. This is only partly due to the booking situation. The airfare is usually directly related to the intensity for which you are looking for a particular flight.

This sales strategy is used especially on various air fare comparison portals. That’s right, that’s a sales strategy. The operators of these portals would like to encourage you to book your flight on their portal as quickly as possible. Often, consumers tend to book as quickly as possible when the price rises to prevent even more expensive ticket prices. Here’s how to find cheap flights.

How to find cheap flights
Compare prices smartly and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Cheap flights To find

But how to trick Now select these intelligent systems to really get the cheapest deal. To find?

Our Checklist can help

  • Directly to the airline
    Don’t just look around on the comparison portals, but also go directly to the websites of the flight providers
  • Search for different flights in incognito mode
    If you have found the cheapest flight when comparing flights between the different airfare portals, check the price by switching to incognito mode of another browser. In incognito mode, page cookies are not displayed. This allows you to prevent the page from recognizing you and possibly preventing you from recognizing it. Prices increased.
  • Using different browsers
    Compare the prices of flights in different browsers, such as Google Chrome, the Opera browser or Edge. Similar to incognito mode, other prices sometimes appear.
  • Avoid searching for flights through Apple
    Most of the time, more expensive prices are displayed for Apple devices.
  • Pay attention to the timing
    Airfares fluctuate not only seasonally, but even during the week and from day to day.

    In most cases, Tuesday or Wednesday is a good time to book a flight.
  • Compare at the neighbor’s or in the office
    In the case of expensive air travel, it also makes sense to compare via a foreign Internet access. Especially in the case of flight comparison portals, the price can also change due to a different addressee.

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