Unfortunately, Air Cairo does not currently offer online check-in for its own flight connections. This leaves you with the classic check-in at the airport. You can find out how to do this on our website.

Step by step – Check in your Air Cairo flight

1. Find an Air Cairo check-in counter

Upon arrival at the airport, it is important to find the Air Cairo check-in counter. Information about where the check-in counter is located can be found on the large display boards in the airport building. As a rule, each airline has its own specific check-in counter. In some cases, several airlines may also share a counter, especially at smaller airports.

2. Perform check-in

Once you have found the right Air Cairo check-in counter, have your ID or passport ready and present your flight tickets or booking documents. The staff at the counter will check in your Air Cairo flight.

3. Reserve your Air Cairo seat

If you have any special seating requests, please let the staff member know. Depending on availability , your seat request can be accommodated. Please note that additional charges may apply for special seats (more legroom…).

Important note:

With Air Cairo, seats can also be reserved in advance of the flight. You can find out how to do this on our page: Air Cairo Seat Reservation.

4. Get an Air Cairo boarding pass

You will then receive your boarding pass, which is required to access the aircraft. On the boarding pass you will also find information about your seat.

5. Check in baggage

Your baggage will then be weighed and checked for possible restrictions such as size, weight and contents. Most airlines have specific baggage policies that limit the size and weight of carry-on baggage and checked baggage.

For more information on check-in at the airport, please visit the Air Cairo website.

What time is Air Cairo check-in?

Check-in normally begins three hours before scheduled departure and ends 60 minutes before departure for international flights and 30 minutes before departure for Air Cairo domestic flights .

Please note:

However, check-in does not mean that you are immediately on the plane. After check-in, you must first go through the security checkpoint. You and your carry-on baggage will be checked for prohibited items and materials.

Baggage policy at Air Cairo

For detailed information on Air Cairo’s baggage policy, please visit this page.

Important information about Air Cairo

Air Cairo is an airline based in Egypt, founded in 2003. It is headquartered in Cairo and operates from Cairo Airport. Air Cairo is a subsidiary of the Egyptian airline EgyptAir and mainly offers charter and low-cost flights.

As a low-cost airline, Air Cairo aims to provide affordable air travel and thus appeal to a wide range of passengers. The airline serves both domestic destinations in Egypt and international destinations in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. These include popular destinations such as Istanbul, Beirut, Dubai, Kuwait, Milan and Casablanca.