Are you preparing everything for your golf holiday? We are happy about that! Which things you should not forget during your holiday, we have summarized for you here.

Packing list golf equipment

  • Golf club card
    Are you a member of the golf club in your holiday destination? Then don’t forget your golf club card
  • Racket bag / trolley
    Of course, your golf bag or golf bag with all the golf equipment should not be missing.
  • Golf club
    A golf holiday without clubs? That won’t work.
  • Racket hoods
    When it comes to your golf clubs, don’t forget the protective headcovers or club hoods.
  • Rain Cover
    In the same way, the rain cover for your bag should not be missing, because it keeps your bag dry and clean even in the rain.
  • Tees & Golf Balls
    Always take enough golf balls with you on holiday. Which golf balls and tees you choose depends entirely on your needs.
  • Pitch fork
    The pitch fork should also not be forgotten so that you can touch up pitch marks on the green.
  • Golf Towel
    Of course, for the quick removal of dirt on your golf clubs, the Golf Towel should not be missing.
  • Ballangel
    Is there dense undergrowth or water surfaces on the golf course? Then it’s better not to give up your ball fishing rod.
  • Rangefinder
    In order for you to be able to estimate the distance from the tee to the flag in the best possible way, it is advisable to always carry the rangefinder with you, even on a golf holiday.
  • Score counter
    Of course, your score counter should not be missing for scoring.
  • Spikes
    More grip on the delicate green with your spikes.
Golf Equipment Packing List

Download “Packing List Golf Equipment” as a PDF file.

Packing list: suitcases for golf holidays

The suitcase for your golf holiday should be perfectly packed for everyday life as well as for the green. If you are flying on a golf holiday, you should definitely check the baggage regulations of your airlines before packing.

Packing clothes for your golf holiday*

  • Underwear
    For each day of vacation, one pair of underwear plus 1-2 safety reserves.
  • Socks, stockings
    You will need socks for everyday wear as well as sports socks for the court.
  • Jacket, Rain Jacket
    Unfortunately, we all have no control over the weather.
    Therefore, always take a jacket and rain protection with you.
  • Shorts
    Whether for the square, a city trip or a short walk. One or more shorts should not be missing.
  • Long pants
    Long pants for cold or rainy days as well as for arrival and departure are always recommended.
  • Dresses & Skirts
    For example, if you are planning a nice dinner or a visit to the theater, you should not forget about the appropriate dress or skirt.
  • Shirts & Blouses
    Shirts or blouses should also always be packed for nicer occasions.
  • Sweaters & long tops
    Whether to put on in the evening or for colder days on the green.
  • Polo shirts
    The polo shirt can always be shown off both at golf and at dinner.
  • T-Shirts & Tops
    Ideally, pack a T-shirt or top for every day.
  • Sleepwear
    What you always forget: your pajamas or sweatpants for bed.
  • Shoes
    For the arrival and departure as well as for the hours away from the green, you should always have a comfortable and/or chic pair of shoes.
  • Belt
    Also one of the garments that you always like to forget. A suitable belt at best for ALL pants.
  • Golf gloves
    At least one pair of your golf gloves should not be missing in your suitcase.
  • Golf Shoes
    Don’t forget your golf shoes. If you play on the course every day, it is always advisable to have a second pair of golf shoes to be able to change things up a bit.
  • Golf Socks
    Golf or sports socks are not to be missed. We recommend that you take thinner and thicker socks with you, depending on the weather.
  • Golf pants
    On a 7-day golf holiday, you should take 2-3 pairs of golf pants with you, depending on your needs.
  • Golf Shirts
    Playing golf under the blazing sun can be very sweaty. At best, pack a golf shirt for every day of play.
  • Golf caps
    Due to the burning of the sun on the scalp, you can suffer both sunstroke and severe sunburns. It is therefore advisable for both men and women to take head protection with them.
Packing list golf clothing

Download “Packing List Clothing” as a PDF file.

Download “Packing List Golf Clothing” as a PDF file.

Cosmetics for your golf holiday*

Even on a golf holiday, the most important cosmetic items should not be missing:

Cosmetics packing list

Download “Cosmetics Packing List” as a PDF file.

Electronics for your golf holiday*

On a golf holiday, many different electronic devices are often required, such as:

Download “Packing List Electronics” as a PDF file.

Accessories & useful items for your golf holiday*

Packing List Useful Golf Holidays

Download “Packing List Accessories & Useful Items” as a PDF file.

First aid kit for your golf holiday*

Packing list first-aid kit

Download “Packing List Accessories & Useful Items” as a PDF file.

Checklist for flying on a golf holiday

Packing list for carry-on baggage*

Are you flying on a golf holiday? Then you should not forget the following things in your hand luggage.

Packing list carry-on luggage golf holiday

Download “Hand luggage packing list” as a PDF file.

To-do’s before the golf holiday on a plane trip

Check the validity of your ID!
Attention: Especially in the months of March to July there is an increased rush at the passport offices. As a result, there may be delays in reissuing your ID.

  • Clarify the entry requirements for the destination country
  • Find out if a visa is needed for the country
  • If necessary, increase your credit card limit
  • Raise cash in local currency
  • Talk to your insurance company about travel protection
  • Find out about possible vaccination requirements in the destination country
  • Make sure that you do not have any outstanding invoices (otherwise there may be reminders)
  • Organize and plan the journey to the airport – Reserve parking spaces if necessary

To-do’s for your home

Check your home before any holiday trip. Above all, all safety precautions that protect against fire and water damage are most important.

Many insurances require you to properly secure your home if you are away for a long time.

  • Turn off the pipes for water and heating.
    This is usually required in the insurance contracts of household insurance. This is to minimize the risk of water and fire damage.
  • Close
    doors and windows
    Before leaving, check that all windows and doors are both closed and locked. You should also check your video surveillance and turn it on in order to protect yourself from burglars in the best possible way.
  • Plugs, Fridge & Lights
    Unplug all electronic devices, such as all televisions. You can also reduce the energy consumption of your refrigerator by raising the temperature a little higher during your holiday. Also, check all the lights in the house or apartment.
  • Inform
    acquaintances or relatives
    Inform your family, acquaintances and neighbors that you are on vacation. Hire someone to take care of the mail, pets, and plants, for example. Above all, overflowing mailboxes are often “invitations” for burglars, as they indicate an empty building.
  • Leave
    your front door and car keys
    Leave a key for the apartment and all vehicles with a trusted person. So you have a back-up in case of an emergency when you travel home. In the same way, in emergencies, your family or acquaintances can go into your home.

Would you like the entire packing and to-do list? It’s easy to download now:

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