Have you booked your holiday through a tour operator or booking platform and now want to know how to check in your flight online? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have flight check-in instructions for a wide variety of tour operators.

Choose your tour operator or tour operator. Your booking platform consists of:

What is a tour operator?

A tour operator is a company that organizes and sells trips. A tour operator usually offers complete packages that include flight, accommodation, meals, transfer and, if necessary, leisure activities and excursions.

The tour operator takes care of all the organizational aspects of the trip, such as booking flights and hotels, local transport and, if necessary, organizing excursions and activities. The customer can book the complete travel package directly with the tour operator without having to worry about the details.

How does check-in work with a tour operator?

As a rule, the tour operator has a partner airline that operates your flight. If you want to check in your flight online or at the airport, you can always do so via the airline’s website or check-in counter.

What do you need for online check-in?

Online check-in is carried out via the website of the airline that has been assigned to your flight by the tour operator. For check-in you will need:

  • Booking code or ticket number
  • The passenger’s name
  • Partial: The tour operator reference number

If you have booked your flight through a tour operator, you will receive booking documents or travel confirmation from them. In these documents you will also find the tour operator reference number.