Anyone who loves to travel the world also knows that things can go wrong. If you fall ill abroad, the right international health insurance can protect you from the financial burden of expensive treatment.

What is international or travel health insurance?

International health insurance is also often referred to as travel health insurance and belongs to the group of private health insurances.

International health insurance comes into play when you need health insurance when you are traveling abroad . It covers costs incurred as a result of acute treatment or surgery abroad and are not covered by your statutory health insurance.

With normal international health insurance or travel health insurance, you have coverage of up to 6 weeks for short-term stays abroad. For longer (multi-year) stays, you can take out long-term travel health insurance .

Advantages of international health insurance

Advantages of international health insurance

High cost recovery
Coverage of necessary outpatient and inpatient treatments. These include, among others: analgesic dental treatments, simple dental fillings and repairs of existing dentures.

In the event of long-term inpatient treatment, the accommodation costs for your co-insured companions will be covered. In the case of a stay of more than 5 days in the hospital, the visit and travel costs of a loved one will also be covered.

Corona performance
Allianz Insurance’s international health insurance includes corona protection. You will also be reimbursed for medical treatment in the event of a corona illness abroad

Ambulance transport included
The costs for an ambulance transport to the nearest clinic as well as
the costs for a sensible repatriation of the sick
to your home country.

Real-time map
With Allianz’s Real-Timer card, you can pay your doctor’s and pharmacy bills directly on the spot. You do not have to pay in advance.

24/ Service
Experts are always at your disposal. You can call, e-mail or use Allianz Chat.

Long-term international health insurance

Normal international health insurance usually covers you for stays abroad of up to 6 weeks.

If you are planning to travel the world for several months or even years, then we recommend long-term travel health insurance. This is specially designed to meet the requirements of longer stays abroad.