With its current flight schedule, Pegasus offers travel to around 125 different destinations . Both international flights and domestic flights (in Turkey) are available.

National (Turkey)

Source: https://www.flypgs.com/de/nutzliche-infos/fluginformation/destinationen

In Turkey, Pegasus offers the following destinations:

Pegasus flight schedule (flypgs) what is important?

If you click on the individual destinations of the Pegasus or flypgs flight schedule above, the Pegaus flight search opens. Select your point of departure and destination, as well as the desired travel date and number of passengers. If you now search for the flight connection, you will immediately receive the result as to whether a direct flight is possible according to the flight schedule or whether you can be offered an alternative route with the possibility of connecting flights.

The results list of the Pegasus flight schedule contain additional information that is important for you as a passenger:

  • The flight number (of Pegasus): The unique identifier assigned to each flight to distinguish it from other flights.
  • The place of departure: The airport from which the flight departs – Usually the airport abbreviation.
  • The destination airport: The airport where the flight lands – Usually the airport abbreviation.
  • The departure time: The scheduled departure time of the flight.
  • The arrival time: The scheduled arrival time of the flight.
  • Connecting: If you need to change.
  • The price
Source: https://web.flypgs.com/booking

Check flight status according to the flight schedule

About Pegasus

If you want to see the Pegasus flight schedule, you will need the PNR number of your booked flight. This PNR number is a unique identifier assigned by the airline for each booking in order to distinguish the flight from other flights. This number is usually indicated in your booking documents . You can then use the Pegasus website to check your flight status according to the flight schedule.

Therefore, check them carefully to find the flight number of your Pegasus flight. Once you have the flight number, you can use it to browse the flight schedule on the Pegasus website or other relevant websites.

About the airport

You can also check the flight status using the flight number of your Pegasus flight. The flight number can also be found in your travel documents. As a rule, the flight number consists of a combination of letters and numbers. Go to the website of the departure airport and search for the airport’s flight schedule. With the flight number, you should now be able to find your flight and see the current status of the flight.

Learn more about flight schedules.

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