Anyone who travels a lot knows that air travel is not always easy. Even if the holiday is for relaxation, the long one is often exactly the opposite. Screaming children, cramped seats and uncomfortable seats can quickly spoil your holiday. If you want to avoid exactly that, you should rely on gadgets for flying. These can solve many problems on the plane and guarantee you a pleasant journey. We have therefore prepared for you all important gadgets for flying summarized.

Neck pillow

Who doesn’t know it: The classic neck pillow. The pillow not only promises you a restful sleep, but also that you no longer suffer from unpleasant neck pain after a nap thanks to the ergonomic support function.

Travel pillows in comparison

Sleep masks for the airplane

Many people do not wear sleep masks because they sit uncomfortably on the eyes or leave pressure points. But now there is a solution to this problem. The new sleep mask from Kelana has a cavity through which you have no pressure points and enough space between the eye and the mask.

Sleep masks in comparison

Noise-cancelling headphones for the aircraft

In many airplanes there is an extreme volume. When children are screaming, people snoring or talking loudly, the noise on the plane can quickly become unbearable and lead to headaches. With one of the most innovative gadgets for flies, you can avoid this problem: noise-cancelling headphones.

Headphones in comparison

Mug that can’t fall over

I’m sure every one of us has had the situation where we have tipped over the drink due to turbulence or our own clumsiness. The solution: a cup that can’t fall over.

Dexam Mighty Mug Go Thermo Mug

Tablet Holder

How nice would it be if you could watch your own movies on the plane? With the tablet holder, this works without having to hold the tablet or iPad in your hand for the entire flight. So you can really enjoy your favorite movies.

Tablet mounts in comparison

Earplugs for pressure equalization

The difference in pressure when flying triggers earache in many people. To solve this problem, you can simply use special earplugs, which help to counteract the pressure difference.

Alpine FlyFit Earplugs

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