Are you flying with Etihad soon? Then please note the baggage guidelines and inform yourself about the current regulations.

You can find out which baggage policies apply to carry-on baggage, free baggage, excess baggage and special baggage on this page.

Carry-on baggage at easyJet

Number & Weight

If you book a carry-on baggage fare for your flight, you are allowed to take 1 carry-on baggage of up to 7 kg. In addition, a personal item (handbag, laptop bag) is also allowed.


For all classes there is a max. Hand luggage size of
56 x 36 x 23 cm

Carry-on baggage regulations

Baggage allowance at easyJet

As a rule, the baggage allowance at Etihad is 20 kg with a maximum baggage size of 72 x 90 x 45 cm.

You are free to divide your permitted baggage into several individual pieces of baggage and to drop off as many pieces of baggage as you wish within this limit.

Detailed information about your booked baggage allowance can be found in your booking documents.

Special provisions

Please note that different baggage policies may apply for travel that starts or ends in the United States or Canada, or if you are traveling with one of our partner airlines. We therefore strongly recommend that you always check your booking confirmation before your flight.

To avoid unexpected issues with Etihad Web Check-in at or during airport check-in , it is important to check Etihad’s baggage allowance in advance.

Excess baggage at Etihad

You can add or add additional baggage to your flight for a fee via the Etihad website. Each piece of baggage must be lighter than 32 kg and shorter than 300 cm.

Baggage policy airline

Special or bulky baggage at Etihad

Special baggage is baggage that is larger and heavier than normal checked baggage. Most airlines consider baggage to be special baggage if the dimensions and weight of the free baggage allowance is exceeded.

Typically, sports equipment such as skis, surfboards and musical instruments , as well as strollers and wheelchairs , fall into the category of bulky luggage.

The rules and fees for special baggage vary and should therefore be stated at the time of booking the flight or at the latest at check-in . More information can be found on the following page under the item bulky luggage.

Dog or cat on board?

Depending on the flight, you can also take pets with you on the trip. You can find out what you need to consider in this article.