All Nippon Airways Web Check-in

Are you flying with the Japanese airline ANA (All Nippon Airways) and would like to check in your flight from the comfort of your own home, reserve your seat and receive your boarding pass? You can find out how to do this and where you can safely check-in from us.

Tunisair Web Check-in – step by step

1. Check-in page

Open the ANA Check-in page from the following link: Check-in page.

You will now be taken directly to the page where you can check-in.

2. Check-in options

At ANA, you have the option to do check-in in 3 different ways:

  1. With your reservation number, as well as your first name and last name. The reservation number can be found in your booking documents that you received after booking your flight.
  2. With your e-ticket number, as well as your first name and surname. The e-ticket number you usually also include in booking documents .
  3. With your ANA number and password if you are registered with the airline.
3. Enter booking details

Now enter the data about the option of your choice and you will be taken to the next check-in step.

4. Perform check-in

In the following steps, you will have the opportunity to reserve the seat for your All Nippon Airways flight and book additional services.
Depending on the destination, it may be necessary to enter additional data such as a visa number or passport number .

5. Get your boarding pass

You will now receive your boarding pass and can print it out or save it on your smartphone. You can also use this boarding pass to drop off your checked baggage at the airport.

Notes for different countries regarding the boarding pass

Abflüge aus Japan

At all departure airports for ANA international flights, you can use either a mobile boarding pass or a printed boarding pass.

Abflüge aus den USA und Kanada

At all departure airports for ANA international flights, you can use either a mobile boarding pass or a printed boarding pass.

Abflüge aus Mexiko

At Mexico City International Airport, you can only use a printed boarding pass. Note that you cannot use a mobile boarding pass.

Abflüge aus Europa und Russland

At the departure airports in London, Brussels, Vienna, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Milan and Stockholm, you can use either a mobile boarding pass or a printed boarding pass.

Abflüge aus Ostasien, Südasien, Südostasien und Ozeanien

At departure airports in Hong Kong*, Taipei (Taoyuan and Songshan), Seoul (Icheon), Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney and Perth, you can use either a mobile boarding pass or a printed boarding pass.

What is important for ANA online check-in?

Check-in times

With All Nippon Airways, you can check in your flight online no earlier than 24 hours before your scheduled departure. Online check-in is usually available up to 75 minutes before departure.

Luggage at online check-in

After successful online check-in, your boarding pass will be available to you. But what do you do with your luggage? You can drop off your checked baggage at the airport at either an ANA check-in counter, a self-service baggage kiosk or a dedicated web and mobile check-in counter.

At these counters or kiosks, you will be required to present your boarding pass. You will then receive confirmation of your checked baggage.

When is online check-in not possible?

Unfortunately, there are also passengers who are unable to complete their flight via ANA Web Check-in. These include:

  • Passengers on codeshare flights operated by other airlines.
  • Passengers with a medical certificate or special needs on board.
  • Passengers who have purchased additional seats for bulky baggage or for similar reasons.
  • Passengers whose tickets include children under 2 years of age who do not occupy their own seat.

These groups of passengers are asked to check-in at the airport .

Facts about ANA – All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is a renowned Japanese airline and one of the largest in Asia. Founded in 1952, ANA has grown into an internationally recognized brand with an excellent reputation for quality, safety and service.

Headquartered in Tokyo, ANA offers an extensive route network covering numerous international and domestic destinations. The airline is known for its modern fleet, which offers advanced technology and comfort. ANA has made a name for itself for its environmental initiatives and innovations in the field of sustainable aviation.

ANA passengers can look forward to a world-class service experience that reflects Japanese hospitality and culture. From booking to landing, the airline attaches great importance to excellent customer service and strives to provide passengers with an enjoyable journey.

ANA is proud to be a member of Star Alliance , a global network of airlines that provides passengers with a seamless travel experience around the world. With a combination of modern amenities, reliable operation, and Japanese elegance, ANA remains a premier choice for travelers who value quality and comfort.