In recent years, more and more airlines have started to offer standing room on their planes. But what exactly does that mean? And is it even advisable to book standing room? Please read our article to the end!

There was standing room right from the start

First of all, standing room on airplanes is not really new. Even in the early years of aviation, there were aircraft equipped exclusively with standing room. However, these were mostly only suitable for short-haul flights and were replaced over time by more modern aircraft with seats.

What is standing room on the plane?

As a rule, it is a place at a kind of standing counter that you can hold on to during the flight. The seat itself is usually a little smaller than a normal seat and offers little to no legroom. There is also no option to lie down or sit back during the flight.

For budget-conscious travelers

However, in recent years, some airlines have begun to offer standing room as an alternative to traditional seating. These standing places are mostly found in Economy Class and are intended to offer a cheaper option, especially for price-conscious travelers.

A standing room takes up less space than a regular seat and allows airlines to accommodate more passengers on a flight. As a result, they can reduce the cost per passenger and offer cheaper airline tickets.

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Not suitable for everyone

Of course, standing room is not suitable for everyone. Especially people with back problems or a poor physical condition should better do without a standing place and book a seat. Even for longer flights, standing room can be uncomfortable.

Where to book?

However, if you still want to book a standing room, you should inform yourself well about the conditions beforehand. Not all airlines offer standing room, and availability can also vary greatly. You should also keep in mind that standing room may be less safe than a normal seat in the event of an emergency.

Conclusion on standing room in airplanes

In conclusion, standing room on the plane is definitely not suitable for everyone. However, if you are willing to give up the comfort of a seat and save money for it, standing room can be an interesting option. However, do your research beforehand and make an informed decision.

Important – Please read – April April

Unfortunately, we have to confess to you that this article “Standing room on the plane” is an April Fool’s joke . There are currently no airlines (to our knowledge) that actually offer standing room on planes. We hope you still enjoyed reading it and are not too disappointed. If you need a cheap flight, use our flight search engine.

We would like to emphasize that it is important to us to provide our readers with correct information. For this reason, we apologize for any confusion that may have arisen as a result of the joke.

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