Finding the right rental car for your next vacation is not easy. Many suppliers, different prices, different quality. To make sure you don’t have to go to the toilet with your next rental car, we have summarized important tips on how to find the perfect rental car and what you should keep in mind.

How to find the right rental car

Finding the right rental car is not easy. If you do not have the opportunity to reserve the rental car directly when booking your holiday, then you will have to compare later on many portals in order to really find the right car.

We recommend our quick and easy car rental comparison. Here, rental cars from various portals are compared and you get your perfect rental car.

The preparation

The first question you need to answer for yourself is: What kind of car do I need? If there are only two of you on the road, you can rely on a small and therefore inexpensive car. However, if you are planning a family vacation, you will have to rely on large cars such as a station wagon or SUV.

If you have the opportunity, you should rent a car when you book your trip. This gives you the best chance of finding a suitable rental car and, if you book via a German site, perhaps also a German contact person.

What you need to consider when booking a rental car:

Of course, you should also pay attention to some important aspects when booking your rental car:

Price – Performance

The cheapest offer is not always the best. Pay attention to additional services such as child seats and other costs.

Age Restrictions

With many car rental companies, novice drivers have to pay more. Often a minimum age or a minimum time is set for how long you have to have had your driver’s license. If novice drivers are also to drive a car, pay attention to the details.

Multiple drivers

Often a surcharge is charged if more than one person is to drive with the rental car. You should also never let an unregistered person drive. If there is a claim, the insurance company can get out.


Before booking the car, find out how much the deposit is and in what form you have to pay it.

Contract Details

Also, pay attention to the details in the contract. Do you need to pick up or drop off the rental car at a specific location? What about pick-up or drop-off outside opening hours? Are there any cancellation or rebooking costs?

Tank & free kilometers

The best thing to do is to find a rental car with unlimited free mileage . So you are not restricted and can drive as far as you want. Otherwise, you can expect a high bill when you hand it in. You should also be careful with the fuel policy. If a full-to-full arrangement is offered, then you will receive a car with a full tank of fuel and you will have to return it with a full tank. With the full-to-empty regulation, you get a car with a full tank of fuel and can return it empty. Here, however, you should pay attention to the additional costs! It is best to always prefer a full-to-full regulation. You usually don’t expect any hidden costs here.

Which insurances are important?

Especially when it comes to cars, insurance is very important. Many car rental companies already include insurance, but often not.

We recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance without a deductible. You can also agree on a small deductible, but this is often only a few cents cheaper. In the contract, you should make sure that tires, glasses, the roof and the underbody are also insured. If possible, take out liability insurance for a sum insured of min. 1 million euros.

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