If you are planning to park at the airport, it is best to find out in advance what options are available. Otherwise, it can happen that the holiday will end up being more expensive than initially thought.

In this article, we reveal which parking options are available and what costs you may incur.

What parking facilities are available at the airport?

There are several ways to park directly at the airport. Some options include:

  • Holiday Parking
  • Private Providers
  • Valet service
  • Terminal car parks at airports
  • Park, Sleep & Fly Hotels

It is important to find out about airport parking in advance to ensure that you find the best parking space for your needs. It can also be helpful to compare the prices and reviews of different parking lots to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Holiday Parking

Most airports offer a variety of official parking facilities for short and long-term stays. For a long-term stay , it is advisable to choose a Holiday Parking offer. However, these parking spaces are usually located a little further away from the terminal, which is why you have to plan a longer walk with your luggage. Sometimes airports also organize shuttle transport. The holiday parking lots are very popular and fill up quickly during holiday periods. In addition, comparatively high weekly fares may apply, depending on the airport, fares between €50 and €120 must be expected.

Private Providers

Alternatively, there is the possibility to park outside the airport area with a private provider. These offer low-cost parking in secure parking spaces with shuttle service to and from the airport. This shuttle service is already included in the price. The journey takes only a few minutes and is even planned individually according to requirements. For example, if you are planning to park at Hamburg Airport , you can save money with this valet service. A week’s parking including shuttle service is possible here, depending on the travel time, from as little as €60.

Valet service

A particularly convenient option for long-term parking is the valet service. With this option, the car is handed over directly at the terminal to an employee of the parking operator, who parks the car in a booked parking space. This is especially a good option if you are carrying heavy luggage, such as on a ski holiday. Valet parking prices start at an average of €70 per week. Depending on the date of travel, there are also cheaper offers.

Terminal parking garage at the airport

The terminal parking garages of the airports are probably the most expensive, but at the same time the most comfortable option if you don’t want to give up your car. While parking rates vary from airport to airport, they can quickly reach €160 or more for a week. On the other hand, these multi-storey car parks are located particularly close to the terminal and you are spared long walks.

Park, Sleep & Fly Hotel

If you live a little further away or simply want to avoid the traffic jam on the way to the airport, you can arrive the evening before and spend the night in a Park, Sleep & Fly hotel. The offers of the hotels can be booked from about 160 € per week and usually include the overnight stay before departure, parking for the booked time in the hotel’s own parking garage and the transfer to the airport.

Which parking option is right for you?

When it comes to long-term parking at the airport, passengers have a choice of different options and providers. The most important thing here is how high your budget is and how close you want to park at the airport.

It is generally advisable to book a parking space at the airport online in advance. So you don’t have to look for a parking space on the day of departure. In addition, you are already aware of the parking fees and cannot bring any nasty surprises.

For those who attach particular importance to convenience and want to get to check-in quickly, the valet service is particularly recommended.

If the focus is on finding the cheapest option , then parking outside the airport with shuttle service is the right choice.

If the costs are not an issue , you can choose the multi-storey car park directly at the terminal .

Which option is ultimately the best depends mainly on your own preferences.

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