Long-distance flights are not everyone’s cup of tea. So that you can enjoy a relaxed flight and don’t have to be afraid of a hell trip, here are our 3 most important tips for a relaxed long-haul flight.

Window or corridor?

When it comes to seating, everyone has their own opinion. For long-haul flights, we recommend that you find out about premium economy or premium seats . These are often available for a small surcharge and these also offer much more legroom. It should perhaps be mentioned that these places are often at the emergency exits, where the kitchen and toilet are usually located. So you have to count on constant operation.

If you don’t find these places very appealing, then it ultimately comes down to your personal preference. A seat in the aisle may give you a little more legroom and you can get up whenever you want. If you like to enjoy the view and this gives you more space psychologically, then you should opt for a window seat . We generally do not recommend the place in the middle of a 3 row, for example. You have strange legs on the left and right, so these places feel even more cramped and in addition you have to constantly ask someone to get up and someone has to annoy you to be able to leave the place. This already screams an absolutely stressful situation.

Our tip: Reserve a seat early enough.

What do I wear?

High heels, jeans, sweatpants, flip flops. In some airplanes, you can experience an entire fashion week in just a few hours. But when it comes to long journeys, only one thing comes first – convenience.

We recommend comfortable trousers such as jogging pants, trekking or hiking pants (here you have plenty of space to stow away), sports pants or leggings. Jeans are not recommended, they just become uncomfortable after a few hours, press, pinch and often make the flight a little hell trip.

But what about the temperature on board? You should always be prepared for both. Cold and heat. Only the well-known onion principle is recommended.

Food & Beverages

If the standard meal from the galleys is simply too boring for you, you can also take even small things with you as a good change. Pay attention only to the entry requirements of the destination. Some foods are not welcome. You should rather avoid alcohol. Even though alcohol is part of many people’s routine when traveling by plane, alcohol can also affect your sleep quality. It is best to drink plenty of water. This is not only important for your health, but also for dry throat. The air conditioning systems on board can be very drying.

Helpful gadgets

Noise-cancelling headphones

These are true marvels. If you fly a lot and often sleep restlessly with all the noises on board, you should rely on this technology. Noise-cancelling headphones filter out all sounds with certain frequencies. So you will experience a smooth flight.
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Sleep goggles

The many lights also affect the sleep of many airline passengers. With simple sleep glasses, you can avoid this problem.
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Gadgets Flying

Neck pillow

Who doesn’t know it, you turn to the left, to the right, try to make some kind of pillow with a jacket, nothing works in the end anyway. With a neck pillow you are almost guaranteed a restful sleep.
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