Yesterday 230€, today already 280€ – that’s exactly how many people feel when they are looking for a cheap flight. Prices may vary from day to day.

But why there can be such price differences and how you can still find a cheap flight, you will learn in this article.

Why can airfares fluctuate?

As a rule, this is a pure sales strategy. The airfare is usually directly related to the intensity for which you are looking for a particular flight.

The more often you search for a flight, the higher the prices will be – this is especially the case with comparison portals .

In addition, you can be tracked by consenting to the use of cookies . This way, the comparison portals know whether you are often looking for a specific flight and the prices rise automatically.

The operators of these portals would like to encourage you to book your flight on the portal as quickly as possible. Many consumers are put under pressure by rising prices and tend to book the desired flight quickly in such situations.

How to find cheap flights anyway

Even though most portals use this sales strategy, with the right tips, you can find a cheap flight.

Our tips for a cheap flight

Book directly through the airline

Comparison portals always sound very tempting, as you are shown the prices of different flights via different airlines. You are also welcome to use these portals to find suitable airlines. However, we recommend that you always book your flight directly through the airline’s website if these prices are cheaper.

Using incognito mode

Every web browser has a so-called “incognito mode”. In most cases, you can switch to this mode via the three dots in the upper right corner. In incognito mode, page cookies are not displayed. This allows you to prevent the website from recognizing you and possibly increasing prices.

Use different browsers

Compare the prices of flights in different browsers, such as GoogleChrome, Opera, Edge and FireFox. For some websites, prices may depend on the browser used.

No flight search via Apple

Apple devices are usually very expensive and that’s exactly what many providers take advantage of. Because if a user comes to the website via an Apple device, prices may rise.

Pay attention to the timing

Not only do airfares fluctuate from season to season, but they can even fluctuate on different days of the week . It is said that flights are cheapest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Manuel Metzler ist CEO der Digitalisierungsagentur DIGITAL LEADER und begeisterter Vielflieger.