Especially for distant destinations, there are often no direct flights. This means that you have to change trains once or several times.

In this article, you will learn what you need to consider when flying with a stopover

Check-in for a connecting flight

If you have booked a flight with one or more stopovers, you can check in your first flight as usual.

Information on the online check-in of the different airlines can be found at:

Getting boarding passes

If the flights are all operated by the same airline , you will usually receive all additional boarding passes when you check in for the first flight. If you check in online, you can print them out yourself or get them at the check-in counter.

If you are flying with different airlines, it is advisable to check in all flights online. So that in the end you also have all boarding passes before the first departure and no longer have to check-in at the airport.

What happens to my luggage during a stopover?

When it comes to transporting luggage, it also depends on whether the flights are operated by one airline or by different airlines.

If the flights are operated by an airline, the baggage is usually checked in at the check-in counter and transported by the airline itself to the next aircraft during the stopover. So you won’t get to see your suitcase during the stopover and you won’t have to worry about your luggage.

When traveling with different airlines , the whole thing is a bit more cumbersome. As a rule, the luggage is brought to the baggage carousel as normal. This means that you will have to pick up your baggage from the conveyor belt at the stopover and check in the baggage again when you check in your baggage.

Not sure if your baggage will be passed through by the airline?
Then you can easily ask at check-in what happens to your luggage when you change trains.
Our tip: The easiest way to fly with stopovers is to have all flights operated by the same airline.

How does a flight with a stopover work?

A stopover is usually not a problem as long as there is enough time between flights or the flights are not delayed.

In most cases, you will have enough time between flights to check in your luggage or eat something if necessary.

Procedure for the stopover

The exit

After your plane has landed, you must either first collect your baggage from the baggage carousel and check it in again oryou can proceed directly to your connecting flight.

At some major hubs (Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore…) there are extra gates that serve the connecting flights. These are often referred to as connecting flights. In addition, there are many employees available at these airports, who can help you, especially in the event of delays.

If you do not yet have the boarding pass for your connecting flight (or have lost it), then either go to the appropriate counter or to special “connecting flight desks/counters”. You can have your boarding pass issued at these counters.

The security check

When you go to your departure gate, you usually have to go through security again. For this reason, it is advisable to walk directly towards the gate after disembarking (in the case of shorter stays) if possible and pass through the security check, as you often need 20-30 minutes for such gate changes at large airports .

As a rule, there are still shopping facilities, restaurants and smoking areas after the security checks.

If you don’t have a gate on your boarding pass yet, as the gates are sometimes set at short notice , you can check the screens at the airport to see which gate your flight departs from.

What to do if you are delayed or missed your flight?

The main thing to distinguish here is whether you operate all flights via the same airline or whether you travel with different airlines.

Flight with a transfer with an airline

As a rule, the airline assumes responsibility for the delay. If your flight is delayed in such a way that it is difficult for you to catch the connecting flight yourself, a member of staff will often be waiting for you when you disembark, who will accompany you through security and take you to your gate as quickly as possible.

It may be that the connecting flight is still waiting for the delayed passengers. Nevertheless, in the event of a delay, you should not take too much time to change planes, because in principle the connecting flights do not have to wait.

If you have missed the connecting flight, the airline will take care of an alternative flight or food, accommodation or lounge access.

Flight with a stopover with different airlines

If the flights were booked through different airlines, there is no connection between the tickets and therefore you travel at your own risk.

If your first flight is delayed, there is no escorted transport or similar available to you. If you miss the boat, you will have to take care of a new flight, overnight stay or other transfer yourself. You will also have to pay for the new flight ticket yourself.

What happens to duty-free items when you make the switch?

If you have already shopped in the duty-free area before your first flight, we recommend that you carry it unopened, in its original packaging and with the original invoice . When changing trains or at a new security check, you may be denied the right to carry food from duty-free, for example. Upon presentation of the invoice and proof that you have just come from a flight, you may be allowed to take you with you under certain circumstances.

As a rule, however, we recommend that you do not strike at the duty-free shop until your last flight. Because it would be a great pity for the purchased items if they did not get through the security check when changing.

Are you wondering if it is worth buying duty-free items at all? Then feel free to take a look at our article on this topic:

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