Would you like to reserve a seat for your flight with Air France?

On this page, you can find out how to reserve a seat, what documents you need and what fees you can expect.

How can I reserve a seat with Air France?

You can either make a seat reservation directly when booking your flight or you can reserve a seat during online check-in .

Please note that depending on the flight fare, there may be fees for seat reservations.

What do you need to reserve an Air France seat?

To reserve a seat at online check-in, you will need the ticket or booking reference number as well as your last name and flight number.

What are the best seats on the plane?

There is Economy Class, Business Class and First Class, each with its own perks and amenities. In Business and First Class, you can enjoy increased comfort, more freedom and a certain amount of privacy. In Economy Class, you have the option of choosing seats with more legroom or reduced background noise (turbine noise ).

airplane best seats
1. Seat at the emergency exit

If you want more legroom on your flight, you can think about booking a seat at the emergency exit . However, it should be noted that there are certain requirements that must be met in order to sit in these places. Find out in advance about the exact regulations:

2. Seat in front of the turbines

If you prefer a quiet flight, you should think about the choice of place in front of the engines . Such a location can reduce the noise level from the engines during the flight.

3. Seat with extra legroom

On many aircraft, you will have seats with more legroom , regardless of the emergency exits. These seats are usually found in the first rows of Economy Class .

4. Seat in Air France Business Class

A seat in Business Class offers more freedom of movement and also many other benefits such as priority check-in

5. First Class Seat

If you want to experience the highest level of comfort , you can reserve a seat in First Class.

Air France Seat Fares

Air-France offers different fares for your seat reservation.

Seat with more legroom

In Economy Class, these seats are located either at the emergency exits or in certain rows of seats that offer more legroom.

These seats can be booked for all flights.

Duo Seat

If you’re travelling accompanied, you can opt for a duo seat so you’re guaranteed to be in a row of two on long-haul flights.

Seat front seating zone

With the seats in the front rows of Economy Class, you can get the advantage of being one of the first people to get off from Economy Class .

As of February 2023